With some delay, Lula gets a win over Moro in Car Wash case

sergio moro lula supreme court
Sergio Moro during a 2018 anti-corruption seminar in São Paulo. Photo: Marcelo Chello/Shutterstock

As The Brazilian Report editor-in-chief Gustavo Ribeiro told Time magazine, former judge and Justice Minister Sergio Moro was arguably the most influential Brazilian of the 2010s. He convicted one former president, and his actions from the bench helped to oust a sitting head of state. But pundits suggest his influence is waning. Mr. Moro is no longer a member of the presidential cabinet, after clashing with President Jair Bolsonaro over the autonomy of the Federal Police. And on Tuesday night, the Supreme Court reversed a key ruling of his tenure as judge: the inclusion of profoundly damaging testimony...

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