Is Bolsonaro launching his own private intelligence agency?

Jair Bolsonaro gave new powers to Brazil’s Intelligence Agency. It could now be used to target the president’s enemies

Is Bolsonaro launching his own private intelligence agency?
President Jair Bolsonaro during the inauguration of Alexandre Ramagem as chief of Brazil’s Intelligence Agency. Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR

In the now-infamous April 22 cabinet meeting — which was recorded and later made public — President Jair Bolsonaro complained about the reliability of his official intelligence services, suggesting that he has his own private system in place. “Information systems: my own one works,” said the president on tape. “Those that exist officially misinform.” Now, the president is apparently aiming to expand the reach of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), according to a new decree published in a late edition of the Federal Gazette on July 31.

This is Mr. Bolsonaro’s first change to...

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