The rise and fall of Brazil’s social democrats

Major figures from the Brazilian Social Democracy Party have been targeted by Operation Car Wash — a dark chapter for what was one of Brazil's most influential parties

PSDB: The rise and fall of Brazil's social democrats
Illustration: André Chiavassa/TBR

Six years after the start of Operation Car Wash, the anti-corruption task force is zeroing in on historic figures of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). In recent weeks, Senator José Serra and Geraldo Alckmin — both former presidential candidates — have faced multiple corruption allegations. Federal prosecutors indicted Mr. Serra for money laundering — accusing him and his daughter of moving millions of embezzled money to hidden offshore accounts. Days later, Mr. Alckmin was accused of receiving at least BRL 10 million from the Odebrecht construction group.

While Messrs. Serra and Alckmin don’t enjoy nearly the same...

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