Controversial Navy project highlights increase in Brazil’s defense spending

The Jair Bolsonaro administration has exploited several loopholes in order to fund a controversial project to build four new Navy warships

Defense spending in Brazil skyrockets under Jair Bolsonaro

Launched three years ago, the plan to upgrade the Brazilian Navy squadron has been subject to several complaints of irregularities. In the most recent chapter of this billion-Real deal, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes resorted to an accounting maneuver to transfer BRL 89 million to the Emgepron, the state-owned company in charge of the program, foreseeing the purchase of four new warships. Meanwhile, the Federal Accounts Court (TCU) has been monitoring the venture closely, already pointing out a series of faults in its execution.

The Navy submitted the so-called Tamandaré-Class project back in 2017. With an estimated cost of BRL...

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