Exclusive: Health spending in Brazil states as small as USD 20 cents a day

Brazil's public health system has been held up as an example by the global community, but it struggles with drastic underfunding

health The desperate underfunding of Brazil's public health system
Photo: GrandeDuc/Shutterstock

When Brazil’s public healthcare system turned 30 years old, back in 2018, we at The Brazilian Report took a deep dive into its merits and shortcomings. Arguably the world’s biggest public health network, the SUS (Unified Healthcare System) reaches more than 70 percent of the population. It made Brazil a reference in the international health community, according to the World Bank, and an example to other countries that are trying to establish more equitable health systems. But one thing is preventing the SUS from reaching its full potential: massive underfunding.

An exclusive study by The Brazilian Report shows...

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