Sergio Moro: from judge, to minister, to … political pundit?

After acrimoniously resigning from Jair Bolsonaro's cabinet, anti-corruption poster boy Sergio Moro is struggling to rebrand

Sergio Moro: from judge, to minister, to ... political pundit?
Former Justice Minister Sérgio Moro: Photo: José Cruz/ABr

On April 24, with the coronavirus crisis getting more and more severe by the day, Sergio Moro shocked Brazil’s political world by announcing his resignation from the Justice Ministry — dishing out accusations against President Jair Bolsonaro in the process, claiming he attempted to meddle with the Federal Police in order to protect his friends and relatives from law enforcement. Mr. Moro triggered the biggest political crisis of the administration so far — and many pondered whether Mr. Bolsonaro’s anti-corruption façade would withstand the hit.

Two months later, the Feds are conducting an investigation to determine whether the president stepped out...

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