Brazil about to have its most digital political campaign ever

Bolsonaro revolutionized elections in Brazil with his exclusively online campaign in 2018. Now, with the coronavirus, everyone will be forced to do the same

2020 election campaign brazil coronavirus
Brazilian voter registration app. Photo: Gabriel Ramos/Shutterstock

In the 2018 election, an innovative model of digital political campaigning substantiated the triumph of Jair Bolsonaro and many of his allies. In 2020, also due to the coronavirus pandemic, canvassing social media will be a necessity for every politician. In Mr. Bolsonaro’s case, the strategy was employed out of necessity, in order to close the gap to his better-established rivals. He won the election without the backing of a traditional party, with a cheaper campaign, using a strong net of digital supporters. Online backers which are under investigation for using illegal mass sending of messages and fake news...

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