Almost two years on, would Bolsonaro’s voters back him again in future?

A study shows that the president has disappointed a number of his voters in 2018, but he is likely to hold onto their support

supporters brazil bolsonaro
Presidente Jair Bolsonaro during a demonstration in Brasília. Photo: José Cruz/ABr

Jair Bolsonaro is facing his worst popularity crisis since taking office as president in January 2019, according to polls. His denialism toward the Covid-19 pandemic and the accusation he tried to interfere in the Federal Police in order to shield his sons from investigation were the two pivotal facts of his dip in polling performance. In May, according to the latest data available, President Bolsonaro reached his peak rejection rate and lowest approval figures. Per a XP/Ipespe survey, 50 percent of respondents classified Mr. Bolsonaro’s administration as either ‘bad’ or ‘terrible’ — 14 percentage points more than in March....

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