Bolsonaro opposition struggles to bury the hatchet

Both on the left and the right, many politicians call for union against Jair Bolsonaro. But past resentments remain an obstacle

Bolsonaro opposition struggles to bury the hatchet
Woman holds anti-Bolsonaro sign during rally. Photo: Michal Urbanek/Shutterstock

For the majority of Jair Bolsonaro’s 17 months in office, the Brazilian president has governed without much of an opposition. The Workers’ Party — the main center-left force in Brazil — has struggled to make its mark as an opposition party, while the center-right has been divided among those who support the government’s libertarian agenda, and those who want to separate themselves from the administration, with one eye on the 2022 elections. So far, almost all of the crises facing the government have been self-inflicted. But the tide could be turning, as several forces scramble to create a broad popular...

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