Brazil’s far-right has created a “legal” way to stage a coup

The far-right says the Constitution's  "Article 142" would give Bolsonaro powers to call a military intervention. Except it doesn't

Brazil's far-right has created a "legal" way to stage a coup
President Jair Bolsonaro and his acolytes. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

Professor and constitutional law expert Ives Gandra Martins, 85, threw more gasoline on Brazil’s already explosive political crisis last week when he said — during a social media video broadcast — that President Jair Bolsonaro should evoke Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution and call a military intervention. Mr. Martins justified his opinion by saying that the Supreme Court’s recent moves — which have included authorizing a criminal investigation against the president and greenlighting a Federal Police operation against some of his closest supporters — were over-politicized and needed correction.

Article 142 concerns the Armed Forces, establishing them as “regular and permanent...

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