Called out on its bullshit, Minas Gerais hides Covid-19 data

Minas Gerais gloats about low Covid-19 numbers. But this is because the state isn’t testing enough. Exposed, the governor chose to hide crucial data

minas gerais test covid-19
WHO head: ‘Our key message is: test, test, test’“Test, test, test,” says World Health Organization head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Photo: Marcelo Soares/TBR

The state of Minas Gerais boasts that it is one of the most successful Brazilian states in tackling the coronavirus. Despite having the country’s second-largest population (21 million people), it has recorded only 4,196 infections (fewer than 20 per million people) and 146 deaths. However, as we showed last week, this is simply because the state is not testing suspected cases and has a backlog of over 100,000 untested suspected coronavirus patients. Called out on its bullshit, the state has come up with a simple solution: it simply stopped publishing data on suspected cases altogether.

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