Minas Gerais state a black hole for Covid-19 data

Brazil's second-most-populous state has recorded just 3,000 coronavirus infections. But the actual number could be up to ten times higher

Minas Gerais state a black hole for Covid-19 data
Bus terminal in Belo Horizonte. Photo: Gil Leonardi/Imprensa MG

Around the world, there is much uncertainty about the true mortality rate of Covid-19. Rates vary enormously from country to country, mainly due to the fact that infection numbers are inevitably under-reported. In Brazil, Health Minister Nelson Teich has already admitted that the country is “flying blind” through the crisis and that authorities have no idea of the percentage of citizens who have been affected by the virus. There are some figures that provide a useful illustration as to the extent of the under-reporting: cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome have skyrocketed in the country, suggesting that many of...

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