Bolsonaro investigation is another case of politics being taken to court

The so-called "judicialization" of Brazilian politics has been growing over the last 15 years, with political decisions challenged by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court. Photo: Fellip Agner/Shutterstock
Supreme Court. Photo: Fellip Agner/Shutterstock

The resignation of Justice Minister Sergio Moro last week may result in more than just a political headache for President Jair Bolsonaro. Declarations made by the outgoing Mr. Moro have led the Supreme Court to authorize a criminal investigation into the sitting president.

Once seen as a hero by Mr. Bolsonaro’s supporters, Sergio Moro resigned on Friday claiming that the president had meddled in the functioning of the Federal Police. He alleged that Mr. Bolsonaro intended to fire the then-head of federal law enforcement Marcelo Valeixo, replacing him with someone “he could call, that could give him information on...

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