How the government tries to protect companies during the pandemic

Jair Bolsonaro has put the economy above the public health crisis. So, what is the government doing to assist struggling companies?

Brazil's government make moves to protect companies during the Covid-19 pandemic
Photo: PMRJ

The pandemic that President Jair Bolsonaro dismisses as a “little flu” has shown its first major effects in Brazil. The country’s number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has jumped to 10,278, and deaths have hit 431.

Mr. Bolsonaro continues to downplay the potential of Covid-19, trying to encourage Brazilians to go back to work. He has made it clear that he will not bear the results of an economic recession, but that he is willing to throw a health crisis onto the lap of state governors, for which he has not yet brought short, medium or long term solutions. 

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