Brazil’s coronavirus deniers in positions of power

Beyond President Jair Bolsonaro himself, leaders of major Evangelical churches have also shrugged at the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic

bolsonaro coronavirus edir macedo
Evangelical bishop Edir Macedo (left) called Covid-19 “a tactic of Satan.” President Bolsonaro (center) dubbed it a “fantasy.” Photo: Alan Santos/PR

“All of this is a lie. Flu, everybody gets. But coronavirus has never killed a single person on the face of the Earth. It never has, and it never will. Don’t be afraid of the caronavirus (sic).”

Despite hundreds of cases in Brazil and thousands of deaths around the world, the denial of Covid-19—using arguments such as the above, boomed from a megaphone on top of a sound truck in the city of São Luís on Sunday—continues to find purchase in the country.

Brazil is on the verge of a considerable spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths, with...

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