Author of Dilma impeachment sees no reason to oust Bolsonaro

São Paulo lawmaker Janaína Paschoal was a protagonist in Dilma Rousseff's impeachment. Now, however, she sees no cause to move against Bolsonaro

Janaina Paschoal Bolsonaro impeachment
Janaina Paschoal speaking before the Brazilian Congress. Photo: ABr

Law professor Janaína Paschoal was near unknown to Brazilians until late in 2015, when she co-authored—alongside Brazil’s former Justice Minister—the impeachment request that led to Dilma Rousseff’s removal from office the following year. Gaining notoriety thanks to one particularly inflamed speech at a rally in São Paulo, Ms. Paschoal would become an unlikely protagonist of the biggest political crisis in Brazil’s recent history.

Janaína Paschoal provided all the legal justification for Ms. Rousseff’s removal. Formally, the ex-president was ousted for having pulled fraudulent budget maneuvers during her first term. And while the Constitution states that articles of impeachment...

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