Bolsonaro backs anti-Congress protest and opponents call for impeachment

In yet another of Jair Bolsonaro's social media blunders, the president shares videos calling for people to protest against democratic institutions

President Jair Bolsonaro calls for anti-Congress protest. Opponents want impeachment
Jair Bolsonaro in front of the presidential palace. Photo: Antonio Cruz/ABr

During the Carnival holidays of 2019, Jair Bolsonaro—still in the nascent months of his presidency—took to Twitter to share a video from street celebrations in São Paulo that he found troubling. The uncensored clip showed one man urinating on another while dancing on the roof of a newspaper stall, about which the president urged his millions of followers to “comment and draw [their] own conclusions.” Doubling down on the absurdity of his previous tweet, he then asked his social media audience “what is a golden shower?”

During this year’s celebrations—which came to an end today at noon—many were waiting...

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