Unanswered questions and presidential links of killed crime boss

Adriano da Nóbrega, killed on Sunday in a police operation, is accused to have led a notorious Rio death squad and is involved with corruption scandals linked to the Bolsonaro family

Adriano Nobrega office of crime Bolsonaro
Adriano da Nóbrega (L) and Senator Flávio Bolsonaro

The inner workings of Rio de Janeiro’s criminal underbelly have rarely been so exposed as since the assassination of left-wing councilor Marielle Franco in March of 2018. Investigations revealed suspicions that the hit job was carried out by a notorious Rio death squad known as the “Office of Crime,” a group made up of active and retired police officers who used their connections and access to firearms to carry out hired killings. The thread unraveled further when it was revealed that a number of these members of Rio de Janeiro “militias” partook in corruption schemes involving local politicians,...

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