Who should Brazil cheer for in the U.S. elections?

Brazil's government and opposition are beginning to look closer at the upcoming U.S. elections, working out who they will support

Who will Brazil cheer for in the U.S. elections?
Photo: Aspects and Angles/Shutterstock

Tomorrow’s Iowa caucus will kickstart the U.S. presidential election cycle, and Brazil will be paying close attention to the American political decision. Local markets may be affected, but the outcome may also have crucial repercussions on Brazil’s relationship with its richer and more powerful neighbor to the north.

But who will Brazil be cheering for?

That depends on who you think represents the country. If by Brazil we mean the Jair Bolsonaro administration, then the re-election of Donald Trump is the only positive outcome possible.

However, for those opposed to the current president, having one of a broad field...

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