Over 7,000 Brazilian politicians in debt to federal government

Federal tax liability records show that 7,186 elected politicians owe over BRL 1.1 billion to the public treasury

Debt politicians
Photo: StudioStoks/Shutterstock

Records of overdue federal tax debt show that 7,186 elected Brazilian politicians elected—across all spheres (federal, district, state and municipal)—jointly owe more than BRL 1.1 billion to the public treasury.

This analysis of information on elected politicians, individual taxpayer IDs, and federal tax liabilities was only made possible by publication of data from the General Counsel for the Federal Treasury (PGFN) for the first time in an open format in November 2019. Previously, only a limited volume of records could be consulted simultaneously. With the opening up of this data, broad and comprehensive cross-referencing was made possible.

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