Brazil’s anti-crime bill takes force, but doubts remain

One of the anti-crime bill's most controversial points, the creation of so-called "guarantees judges," has been indefinitely suspended by a Supreme Court justice

justice Supreme Court building. Photo: Fellip Agner
Brazil’s Supreme Court building. Photo: Fellip Agner/Shutterstock

Approved early in December, Brazil’s “anti-crime bill” will come into force on January 23—and it is set to make the Brazilian penal system even harsher than it already is. Though the proposal was significantly changed in Congress, it will still go down as the main accomplishment of Justice Minister Sergio Moro’s tenure so far—and it goes in line with the government’s (highly contested) ethos of hammering down on criminals as a strategy to curb criminality rates.

To sum it up, here are the main issues that were approved:

  • Harsher penalties. Life sentences in Brazil were increased from 30 to...
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