New type of judge splits opinions in Brazil’s justice system

Approved in the recent "anti-crime law," the guarantees judge will only act on the investigation phase of cases, with a different judge taking care of trials

Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Photo: Alan Santos/PR
Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

The so-called “anti-crime bill,” proposed by Justice Minister Sergio Moro as a solution to combat organized crime and corruption in Brazil, has now come in for criticism from its author. Sanctioned at the end of 2019, the bill was profoundly altered during its path through Congress, with Mr. Moro claiming it is “not the dream project,” and that politicians could have “gone further” and kept more of the Justice Minister’s original proposals.

But Sergio Moro’s main concern was not what members of Congress took out of his original proposal, instead it was one provision that the lawmakers put in....

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