Latest Cambridge Analytica leak points to involvement in Brazilian elections

Leaked files on the firm's activities in Brazil (including coverage by The Brazilian Report) shows the company worked with an unnamed candidate before the 2018 vote

cambridge analytica
Photo: Alexandra Popova/Shutterstock

The Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 rocked the political world after whistleblower Christopher Wylie revealed that the consulting firm—which worked for Donald Trump’s election campaign and the Leave.EU organization during the UK’s European Union referendum, both in 2016—had managed to breach Facebook’s user database and harvest the information of some 87 million individual profiles.

Now, a new document dump connected with the defunct company has uncovered a series of emails and reports linked to Cambridge Analytica’s work in a series of other countries, including Brazil.

Hosted on the Twitter account @HindsightFiles, former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser leaked

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