Who are the Brazilian Integralists and why are they petrol-bombing comedians?

The 1930s homegrown fascist movement is making a curious comeback in Brazil, with its attack against a "blasphemous" comedy troupe.

brazil fascism
Photo: Wikicommons

On November 9, in the city of São Paulo, a small group of green-shirted men held a curious demonstration, marching in rank and file, giving awfully Nazi-looking salutes and chanting “Anauê!”—an indigenous greeting meaning, “you are my brother.” These were integralists, supporters of the clerical fascist Brazilian Integralist Party (AIB) that existed during the 1930s. Led by writer Plínio Salgado, Brazilian Integralism was fashioned on Italian fascism, borrowing many of its symbols and credos and representing the only unabashed version of fascism the country has ever seen. 

For all intents and purposes, Brazilian Integralism died at the end of...

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