Jair Bolsonaro elected Brazil’s 38th president

jair bolsonaro president brazil
Jair Bolsonaro represents a leap into the unknown. Photo: Tania Rego/ABr

With almost 90 percent of ballots counted, the most likely scenario heading into the runoff stage election day became a reality: Jair Bolsonaro will, on January 1, become Brazil’s 38th president. Just a few years ago, Mr. Bolsonaro was seen as little more than a radical right-winger who expressed nostalgia for the military dictatorship. Now, he becomes the leader of 207 million people, with a fragile democracy and obscene levels of inequality.

Jair Bolsonaro posted 56 percent of valid votes, approximately 52 million votes, against Fernando Haddad’s 44 percent.

Mr. Bolsonaro has shattered, throughout this campaign, each and every single postulate...

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