Brazil’s Electoral Court releases schedule for political ads on TV and radio

haddad free airtime political ads tv and radio brazil election 2018 election
Mr. Haddad will have 2m23s for his political ads

In one week, candidates will start broadcasting their ads on TV and radio. Free airtime is divided among candidates based on how many lower house seats their coalition has (chart below). Free, of course, is a figure of speech. Parties don’t pay for the airtime – taxpayers do. In exchange for the time slots, TV and radio broadcasters get hefty tax cuts. In 2018 alone, this airtime should cost taxpayers over BRL 1 billion.

Ads for the presidential candidates will run on two 12m30s slots (afternoon and evening) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Plus, each candidate will have several 30-second spots...

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