Brazil’s Senate race could be a repeat of 2014’s presidential election

senate race brazil 2018 election
Aécio and Dilma to face off in the Senate race: Photo: Ag.FP

Brazil’s Senate is composed of 81 members (three for each state), who are elected to eight-year terms. In 2018, voters will renew two-thirds of the higher chamber of Congress. And while there are some interesting disputes, none will be as exciting as that of Minas Gerais. Dilma Rousseff, who was impeached from the presidency two years ago, could run for a Senate spot – which would pit her against Aécio Neves for the second time.

The Brazilian Report has examined the senatorial race in Brazil’s main states.

Minas Gerais

It hasn’t been confirmed, but Dilma Rousseff might be on the...

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