Explaining Brazil #199: Who will face off against Petro in Colombia?

The final spot in the presidential runoff in Colombia remains up for grabs. The dispute between populist Rodolfo Hernández and establishment conservative Fico Gutiérrez will be decided by a razor-thin margin

This Sunday, May 29, voters in Colombia will go to the polls for the first round of their long-awaited presidential election. Left-wing candidate Gustavo Petro has been the frontrunner for most of the campaign, in what could mark a massive shift in the country’s electoral politics. 

But as we approach Election Day, the latest polls suggest that the race is far from over and there is potential for a few surprises on Sunday evening.

One populist outsider has gained ground among the electorate, and might just be in with a chance of winning if he makes it to the runoff.

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  • Ignacio Portes is The Brazilian Report’s Buenos Aires correspondent. He writes the Latin America Weekly newsletter and covers affairs around the continent. He previously worked for the Buenos Aires Herald and The Bubble, and has written for outlets such as Al Jazeera and The Financial Times.

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