Explaining Brazil #170: Peronism facing an existential crisis

Last week's midterm primaries in Argentina delivered what was arguably the worst electoral defeat Peronism has ever suffered. But the problem goes beyond short-term woes

Argentina could be set for a political shift, with the country’s main opposition party landing a significant blow against Peronism last week, winning key races in a congressional primary vote that is a strong indicator of midterm results in November.

But more than just an imminent electoral defeat, Peronism are also facing an existential challenge. Polls show that the dominant political force in Argentina is losing support among younger voters and working classes — both constituencies which were, for decades, their key strongholds.

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  • Ignacio Portes is The Brazilian Report’s Buenos Aires correspondent. He writes the Latin America Weekly newsletter and covers affairs around the continent. He previously worked for the Buenos Aires Herald and The Bubble, and has written for outlets such as Al Jazeera and The Financial Times.

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