Explaining Brazil #157: The Anti-Bolsonaro dilemma

What is keeping anti-Bolsonaro demonstrations from actually threatening the government in a more meaningful way

On the day Brazil reached the milestone of 500,000 coronavirus deaths, hundreds of thousands staged mass street protests against President Jair Bolsonaro, whose leadership they blame for the pandemic debacle. Demonstrations against the government were seen in at least 438 cities, across all Brazilian states — as well as in several other cities worldwide. 

The Brazilian Report sent journalist Lucas Berti to cover the protests and listen to the demonstrators’ demands. Despite being aware of the risks involved in holding street gatherings, protesters say the dangers of keeping President Jair Bolsonaro in office outweigh those of exposing themselves to the virus.

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  • Lucas Berti is a journalist at The Brazilian Report. He is behind the Latin America Weekly newsletter, alongside Natália Scalzaretto, and also writes about politics.

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