Explaining Brazil #148: Bolsonaro fighting on multiple fronts

The Brazilian president has a lot on his plate right now, with the resolution of the 2021 budget, a crucial climate summit, and a Senate investigation into the government's pandemic response. Can his administration survive?

In recent years, the speed of the Brazilian news cycle has been intense. But not much can compare with the current moment. In the coming days and weeks, news editors will have to deal with the resolution of the 2021 budget — which should have been approved four months ago — the climate summit organized by U.S. President Joe Biden, and the start of the Senate’s newly-created hearings committee to investigate the Jair Bolsonaro administration’s pandemic response.

And, as a side dish, we have a Supreme Court trial that could cement former President Lula’s place in the 2022 election, as well as a change of command in Brazil’s Army.

Uncertainty is the rule in Brasília, but one thing seems clear: the Bolsonaro administration won’t be the same after all these battle fronts are cleared.

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  • Euan Marshall is an editor at The Brazilian Report and also hosts the Explaining Brazil podcast in the absence of Gustavo Ribeiro.

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