Explaining Brazil #141: Brazil’s pandemic nadir yet to come

During the pandemic, Brazil became something of an open-air laboratory, showing how new variants can develop when left to spread unchecked

It has been a year since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. But for Brazil, at least, the end of the crisis is nowhere in sight.

With new coronavirus variants circulating freely throughout the country, Brazilian states are inching closer to a simultaneous collapse. When that happens, Health Ministry officials believe the country could see up to 3,000 deaths on a daily basis. Despite the grim outlook, officials reportedly believe there is little the government can do, besides opening more field hospitals.

Brazil has become a warning to the rest of the world about the deadly potential of new variants, which add reinfection and co-infection (when patients catch multiple variants at the same time) to the list of challenges faced by health services.

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  • Mauricio Savarese is a São Paulo-based journalist who covers Brazil for The Associated Press.

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