Explaining Brazil #135: Has Brazil’s second wave already begun?

Just as Brazilians were starting to get used to their so-called new normal, a second wave appears to be on the horizon

A group of Brazilian researchers from five different institutions signed an open letter this week to warn citizens and politicians about the dangers of a second wave of coronavirus infections in the country. 

And there is plenty of data corroborating their fears.

Early in November, the coronavirus transmission rate measured by Imperial College London sat at its lowest level since the pandemic took hold. By November 24, the rate reached its highest point since May — 1.31. Meaning every 10 people would infect 13, who would then infect another 17 and so on, with the spread gaining steam.

Some experts aren’t even talking about a second wave, but a tsunami. When infection numbers were low, Brazil didn’t capitalize and the population returned to normal almost instantly.

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