Explaining Brazil #125: Brazil’s Supreme Court at a crossroads

Luiz Fux takes office as Brazil's new Supreme Court chief justice at a crucial moment. What kind of court will he lead?

Luiz Fux takes office as Brazil’s new Supreme Court chief justice at a crucial moment: the country faces what is arguably the biggest political crisis since its return to democracy in 1985; the president who talks about sending troops to shut down the court is more popular than ever; and Brazil is hurtling towards what looks set to be the worst economic crisis in history. 

Oh, and then there is that pandemic which is still raging on.

So, what kind of court will Chief Justice Fux lead? That’s what we will try to unpack this week.

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On this episode:

  • Benjamin Fogel is a regular contributor to The Brazilian Report, he also writes for Jacobin magazine and Africa is a Country. He is working on a Ph.D. on the history of Brazilian corruption politics at New York University.

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