Explaining Brazil #123: Reducing business complexity in Brazil

Brazil's Q2 GDP results have been released and it's official: the country is back in recession. We analyze how Brazil can recover

This week’s episode, Reducing business complexity in Brazil, was supported by AMEC, the Brazilian Association of Investors in Capital Markets. AMEC brings together around 60 institutional investors from Brazil and abroad — which have a combined portfolio of over USD 130 billion.

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The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics has just published Brazil’s second-quarter GDP numbers. The results were slightly worse than anticipated — and the bar was already set very low, to begin with. Brazil’s economy shrank by an eye-watering 9.7 percent, as a direct result of strict quarantine measures enforced in late March and April.

Still, there are some silver linings to take away from the results. But experts condition their optimism to the approval of structural reforms to reduce public spending, simplify regulations, and improve the business environment.

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On this episode:

  • Rodrigo Zambon is the managing director of the TMF Group in Brazil, a service provider in administrative support for businesses looking to expand operations internationally. 

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