Explaining Brazil #68: Discovering Rio’s Little Africa

The name Little Africa, Pequena África in Portuguese, has been featured in books, songs, and lyrics of famous samba schools. But it remains unknown to most people—Brazilians included.

That’s not by chance. In a conscious effort to erase Rio’s black traits, the city has literally paved over places were black intellectuals, artists, and runaway slaves once walked. This week, we dig up that history.

A special thanks to professor Maurício Santoro, who made himself available and took reporter Edmund Ruge for a tour in Little Africa.

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On this episode:

  • Mauricio Santoro holds a Ph.D. in Political Science. He is currently Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of International Relations at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. He also writes op-eds for The Brazilian Report.
  • Edmund Ruge is a freelance journalist based in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Economics and Latin American Studies from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Map of Little Africa

little africa rio de janeiro

Background reading:

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