The U.S. has no interest in Bolsonaro questioning the elections

The CIA director has called on Brazilian officials to quit questioning the country’s upcoming elections. This shows that any attempts by President Bolsonaro to challenge the election results would face international pushback

cia During a recent rally, Jair Bolsonaro defends "Brazil without abortions." Photo: Alan Santos/PR
Bolsonaro has systematically bashed the voting system, but has shown no proof to corroborate his claims. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

Last week, Reuters reported that CIA Director William Burns explicitly urged top Brazilian officials to stop calling into question their country’s ability to carry out a free and fair election. “Burns was making it clear that elections were not an issue that they should mess with,” the Reuters source is quoted as saying. “It wasn’t a lecture, it was a conversation.” 

That the CIA would apparently weigh in on an upcoming foreign election on the side of democracy struck many as a welcome shift from a long history of supporting anti-democratic movements and individuals around the world. 

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