Brazil can meet its climate goals and lead the world in sustainable food production

Innovation, training, and ag-tech offer solutions towards global climate goals. And a state-owned company can lead the way

embrapa food production
Embrapa training and expertise helped expand the uptake of technologies such as pasture irrigation and practices to recover soil fertility and animal health. Photo: Carlos Rudinei A. Mattoso/Shutterstock

Brazil is one of the largest food producers and exporters in the world. Rapid progress towards this accolade was largely thanks to highly advanced agricultural technologies and systems used on Brazilian farms as well as a strong legacy of research, development, and innovation — which represents 37 percent of public investment in agriculture.

The current pressures and complexities created by climate change and new trade opportunities with the European Union provide an opportunity for Brazil to show global leadership once again in developing and scaling up innovations that adapt to extreme conditions while limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


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