Presidential election: too many options and not enough passion

A substantial percentage of the electorate would prefer not to vote for Lula or President Bolsonaro, but there is no single candidate capable of wielding this public mass

election lula bolsonaro
Street vendor selling, side by side, towels supporting both President Bolsonaro and his political nemesis, former President Lula. Photo: Paulo Lisboa/Brazil Photo Press/Folhapress

An initial glance at the Brazilian presidential election gives a false impression that voters have many options to choose from. Even so, there is no shortage of candidates, led by former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. But a mixture of widespread rejection, disenchantment with the current government, corruption concerns, and a sense of urgency in the face of economic problems make this race unprecedented. 

In this context, it is worth reflecting on the questions and options facing the Brazilian electorate in 2022.

For example: does President Bolsonaro deserve a second term? Not in principle. According...

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