Brazil’s hunger figures skyrocket. But presidential candidates look the other way

The number of Brazilian enduring food insecurity has increased almost 30 percent in three years. But all but one of the leading presidential candidates are ignoring the issue

hunger poverty brazil
Woman in Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, looking into a landfill for recyclable materials to sell. Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

The data is shocking: according to the Brazilian Research Network on Food Sovereignty and Security, almost 20 million Brazilians are currently experiencing severe food insecurity. In other words, nearly 20 million people go for a full day or more without having anything to eat. To put the number in perspective, this is roughly the number of people that live in the entire country of Chile. The figures represent an increase of almost 30 percent in relation to 2018, when 10.3 million people in Brazil were living in these conditions.

The variation across regions, genders, ethnicities, and education levels is...

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