Plans for opposition truce in Brazil will be dead on arrival

Seen by many as the most credible third-way option for Brazil's 2022 election, Ciro Gomes is seeking a political ceasefire with the Workers' Party. But how long can such a truce last?

opposition ciro gomes
Crowds booed Ciro Gomes during the left’s latest anti-Bolsonaro rally in São Paulo. Photo: Alice Vergueiro/Folhapress

Last Sunday, Ciro Gomes of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) proposed a temporary political ceasefire with the Workers’ Party (PT). His conciliatory words came one day after he was verbally — and almost physically — assaulted by a small group of PT supporters while he spoke at an anti-Bolsonaro rally in São Paulo. Several prominent opposition figures expressed their solidarity with Mr. Gomes, who is the leading light of the PDT, a center-left party with deep historical roots but relatively limited public support.

In reaction to Mr. Gomes’s proposal, Fernando Haddad — the PT presidential nominee in 2018 —...

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