Covid hearings fall for Bolsonaro ally’s trap

Senators of the Covid hearings committee wasted a full session on Wednesday grilling pro-Bolsonaro businessman Luciano Hang, who repeatedly sought to make a mockery out of the inquiry

luciano hang trap covid hearings
Illustration: André Chiavassa/TBR

The Senate’s Covid hearings were supposed to have finished by now, but the investigation into the government’s pandemic response gained a new lease of life after revelations that Prevent Senior — one of Brazil’s fastest-growing HMOs — was conducting unethical studies using ineffective Covid treatments, comparable to the infamous 1930s-1970s Tuskegee Study in the U.S. On Tuesday, a lawyer representing former Prevent Senior physicians revealed details about the case — unraveling what appears to be one of the biggest health scandals ever documented in Brazil’s history.

And that is why the inquiry’s sitting the following day seemed so mind-boggling. 

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