Conspiracy theories about Bolsonaro’s stabbing unite left- and right-wing politicians

Bolsonaro's 2018 stabbing is back in the public debate, thanks to a left-wing documentary making wild claims that the entire incident was fake

conspiracy theories
Cell phones captured the moment in which Mr. Bolsonaro was stabbed, three years ago

Instead of focusing on the many crises ravaging Brazil, political elites spent the last week discussing the attempted murder of President Jair Bolsonaro in 2018, during the campaign trail. The three-year-old incident was brought back into the spotlight due to the launch of the documentary “Bolsonaro and Adélio – Stabbing Brazil’s Heart” by left-wing website Brasil247. 

The film entertains the idea that Mr. Bolsonaro faked his own stabbing to ensure his election in 2018. Following its release, legislators and members of the Workers’ Party took to social media to defend this theory. The party went as far...

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