Michel Temer: Reloaded?

The former president left office under a cloud of unpopularity and corruption allegations but has made his way back into the public eye after helping President Bolsonaro smooth over his relationship with the political class. What's next for Mr. Temer?

michel temer
Michel Temer speaks to the press in June 2016. Photo: Lula Marques/APT

On January 1, 2019, Michel Temer concluded his brief and turbulent stint as Brazil’s president. He took office in May 2016 amid the controversial impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and became a highly consequential president despite occupying the chair for less than three years. 

His administration passed harsh austerity measures — including a labor reform which failed to create the jobs it promised, and a 20-year federal spending cap which succeeded in taming the public deficit. It also left a pipeline of privatizations and other reforms which are arguably the only economic legacy the Jair Bolsonaro government has...

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