Bolsonaro’s flippancy left Brazil without allies in Covid fight

While international aid has flooded in for Covid-stricken India, Brazil has received no such support from the foreign community. Jair Bolsonaro's cavalier attitude goes some way toward explaining this

Bolsonaro covid fight international aid India
All alone. Jair Bolsonaro has turned Brazil into an international pariah. Photo: Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress

On January 1, 1980, an editorial in major Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo reflected despondently on the decade that had just ended. Facing inflation, economic austerity, and ongoing repression, the nation wallowed under a military regime that had seen the various arguments for its existence erode since it began in 1964. “In the decade that now opens, a necessary moment for reflection,” the paper sighed. 

“Before diving in, there’s nothing better than filling one’s lungs with hope. And note, for the long journey ahead, the best projects with which to build a truly democratic republic. We made too many mistakes...

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