Lower house gatekeeper doing Bolsonaro’s bidding in Congress

Pro-Bolsonaro lawmaker Bia Kicis is helping further the government's agenda as the chair of the House's Constitution and Justice Committee — among the most important committees in Congress

Lower house gatekeeper doing Bolsonaro's bidding in Congress
Congresswoman Bia Kicis and former Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo. Photo: Marcelo Camargo/ABr

Last week, former House Speaker Rodrigo Maia declared that the House’s Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) — the chamber’s most important — had become a “laboratory for conspiracy theories” under its new chair, pro-Bolsonaro Congresswoman Bia Kicis. Mr. Maia added that the committee has been “hijacked by personal interests and an obscurantist agenda,” leaving aside proposals of national importance.

Ms. Kicis’ very appointment as the head of the CCJ raised eyebrows. She is currently under investigation by the Supreme Court for her involvement in organizing anti-democratic protests early last year, which involved endorsements of a military coup.

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