Bolsonaro’s legislative priorities for 2021 and why they will be ignored

Bolsonaro issued a long list of legislative priorities for this year, but he is set to be left empty handed as Congress has its own plans

legislative agenda bolsonaro congress
Bolsonaro delivers equipment to road marshals. Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR

In an attempt to coordinate the approval of key bills, President Jair Bolsonaro presented his policy agenda to the new heads of Congress last week. Of the list of 34 proposals, 11 relate to the priorities of the agribusiness, public security, and evangelical caucuses — three of the most influential groups in the Legislative branch and which helped propel him to the presidency in 2018. Despite Mr. Bolsonaro’s eagerness to please these caucuses, the likelihood of both houses taking these issues as priorities is low.

Instead, the 2021 congressional agenda is likely to be focused on approving this year’s budget...

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