Covid-19 inequality could strike down Brazil’s Economy Minister

The need for action against the coronavirus and political face-saving could leave Economy Minister Paulo Guedes at a crossroads

inequality Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. Photo: Sérgio Lima/Poder360
Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. Photo: Sérgio Lima/Poder360

It is no secret that despite being a significant economy with medium-level GDP per capita, Brazil is one of the least equal countries in the world. This is a country where, according to a 2019 Oxfam report, the top 1 percent of wealthiest citizens controls 29 percent of the national wealth. This imbalance of income cleaves an immense opportunity gap, with a mere two-kilometer difference in a Brazilian’s address potentially implying a 20-year increase (or decrease) in life expectancy.

This malaise is shown in an even more real and morbid light by the coronavirus pandemic.

Looking at the...

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