Bolsonaro and the peril of permanent outrage

More often than not, permanent outrage — such as that shown by Bolsonaro's opponents — leads to political impotence

Bolsonaro and the peril of permanent outrage
“Bolsonaro genocidal,” reads one message projected on a building in São Paulo’s city center. Photo: Guilherme Gandofi/FP

Another week, another institutional crisis in Brazil, once again unlikely to result in the impeachment of Jair Bolsonaro. The latest scandal was triggered by footage of an April cabinet meeting that reportedly shows Mr. Bolsonaro promising to change the heads of the Federal Police before the force could “f*** [his] family over.” According to people who watched the video, cabinet members also joined in, voicing their violent fantasies of imprisoning Supreme Court justices and governors who are critical of the Bolsonaro administration.

Despite this latest crisis and the 30-plus impeachment requests sitting on the desk of House Speaker Rodrigo...

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