Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency: when ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Friday the 13th’

The reality of covering Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil is akin to an endless loop of indignance, topped off with a large dose of the macabre

groundhog day brazilian politics
Under Bolsonaro, Brazilian politics is like ‘Groundhog Day.’ Photo: Carolina Arantes/PR

Covering Brazilian politics since Jair Bolsonaro’s rise to power feels a lot like living in 1993 cult classic ‘Groundhog Day.’ In the film, Bill Murray’s cynical weatherman Phil Connors finds himself trapped in a loop, reliving the same day over and over again. Phil eventually concludes that there are no consequences for his actions and indulges in a sequence of wanton debauchery before losing hope and attempting to kill himself, again and again. 

But, every morning he wakes up in the same bed and breakfast in rural Pennsylvania.

While the level of absurdity and tragedy has certainly increased since Jair...

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